“Exquiste” – Hot Press


“Lovely stuff...Great energy and inventiveness” –The Late Show, BBC Radio Ulster


Sonically speaking Regina Spektor has dinner with Amy Winehouse and they all grab a cuppa with Frank Zappa; Great WhiteLies sound resides in the alley on the way back. Choral music, jazz, and funky soul permeate through their inventive sound, peppered with surreal imagery.

In 2015 Great White Lies released their debut ep to critical acclaim including a nomination from Pure M for best ep and winning VAI Song of The Year. Among their many shows they performed at Guth Gafa International Film Festival, Allingham Arts Festival and headlined Galway Fringe. 


Throughout 2016 they have toured internationally including Canada & showcase gigs in Los Angeles. Among their favourite gigs were at Stendhal Festival of Art alongside YouBloom Dublin and performing on tv with  RTE 1 Bloom show live from Phoenix Park. 


So far in 2017; the BBC placed 3 of their songs for a documentary which aired in February and they toured Ireland with their current single “Sunday Shapes”. Received accolades from Hot Press, airplay from Flirt FM, Dublin City FM, Highland Radio among others, received a MyCreative Edge  award as well as an SLS award.


“Great White Lies stick in the memory for sharp vocals and lush harmonies….this Derry/ Donegal act are a blast of summer sunshine” – James Hendicott, Golden Plec


“Absolutely brilliant” – In Colour, 2XM




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