20th June 2018

I've created a survey for 'Represent'. It'd be great if you could take this 3 minute questionnaire and help me find out how Women's art is being featured throughout this summers' festivals: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/Y8X8JHP

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10th June 2018

Festival season is bubbling away before us, the tents are being erected, performers are fine-tuning their sets and it got me thinking...We have a few festival gigs coming up this summer and attending at Selfmade II last night triggered me to start this project...I think I'll call it 'Represent'. So I'm asking any female musicians who are gigging festivals around Ireland this summer to get in touch and let me know some deets...like was there any female headliners playing at your festival? how were you treated? do you know if you were paid the same rates as male bands? was there any female sound engineers, crew, stage management, managers?; did anyone comment on your look and not your work? etc It may become a podcast where I play some great female musicians from Ireland and share their stories (anonymously if you wished).

The first festival gig we have is Buncrana Music Festival at the end of the month, where we're supporting Feeder and Roger Sanchez is playing the same stage the night before,  alongside fellow mates Don't Fear The Natives (2 ladies, 4 men). I'm delighted that we've got the opportunity to perform to a potentially large audience on the beach in Inishowen, it's amazing for the area and for my band. Yet, the line up like many, many other Irish festivals is mostly male. 

Women make up about half of us. We also like to dance, drink, listen to and create music. So let's get some representation happening. I believe that by highlighting what's happening now, we can provide an opportunity for change. They probably don't even know that they're missing out, yet.

Email me to get involved greatwhitelies@gmail.com 


May 2018

We've been busy and had the most joyous weekend playing at a gig I ran for Donegal Together4Yes to repeal the 8th. The music was blinding and my heart is still overflowing! Check out the pic of all the fabulous acts once I figure out to insert it! As an activist on this issue in Ireland I found the night just the tonic to reenergise and lift our spirits for the final leg of the campaign, to give women access to free, safe & legal healthcare here in Ireland.

We recorded "Red" inspired by my experience canvassing in rural Ireland on this issue. I encountered some older ladies, whom I considered to be genteel and loving just like my own grandmother was, alas this wasn't the case. The idea that people can be devoured and consumed by righteousness (most probably led by catholicism in this case) brought me to Little Red Riding Hood and how the granny is consumed by the wolf. While researching I came across the perfect version of the story for my narrative. Red runs from the wolf, who has just consumed her granny, and hears singing from washerwomen. She runs to their voices, they stretch a sheet over the river so Red can cross. Once the wolf crosses on the same sheet they let go and the wolf drowns. Women coming together to defeat a greedy wolf from their young and themselves epitomises this campaign for me. 

ote YES! if you're in Ireland on 25th May for all Mná!!! 

Check out the track

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September 2017


After a successful summer tour of our wee isle, we're recovering, relaxing and making plans for our next tour. Sunday Shapes is still available and being pushed upon all Irish media. We had a few plays on DCFM & Flirt FM added us to their Irish playlist. We won the Sounds Like Summer competition in Strabane in August! We'll be recording in Small Town America and getting a live music video all from the competition. 

Carnstock, was a success. Incase you don't know Carnstock is festival that me(Siobhán) & my partner run for a local charity Lifeline. All original unsigned acts, talks on positive social change, poets & art. All the acts got paid for their time and we raised a grand for charity. Not a bad result. I've witnessed the flowering of the social change with local poet/actor/amazeballs lady Abby Oliviera organised fundraisers for MASI, giving children in Direct Provision funds for school books etc