10th June 2018

Festival season is bubbling away before us, the tents are being erected, performers are fine-tuning their sets and it got me thinking...We have a few festival gigs coming up this summer and attending at Selfmade II last night triggered me to start this project...I think I'll call it 'Represent'. So I'm asking any female musicians who are gigging festivals around Ireland this summer to get in touch and let me know some deets...like was there any female headliners playing at your festival? how were you treated? do you know if you were paid the same rates as male bands? was there any female sound engineers, crew, stage management, managers?; did anyone comment on your look and not your work? etc It may become a podcast where I play some great female musicians from Ireland and share their stories (anonymously if you wished).

The first festival gig we have is Buncrana Music Festival at the end of the month, where we're supporting Feeder and Roger Sanchez is playing the same stage the night before,  alongside fellow mates Don't Fear The Natives (2 ladies, 4 men). I'm delighted that we've got the opportunity to perform to a potentially large audience on the beach in Inishowen, it's amazing for the area and for my band. Yet, the line up like many, many other Irish festivals is mostly male. 

Women make up about half of us. We also like to dance, drink, listen to and create music. So let's get some representation happening. I believe that by highlighting what's happening now, we can provide an opportunity for change. They probably don't even know that they're missing out, yet.

Email me to get involved greatwhitelies@gmail.com