May 2018

We've been busy and had the most joyous weekend playing at a gig I ran for Donegal Together4Yes to repeal the 8th. The music was blinding and my heart is still overflowing! Check out the pic of all the fabulous acts once I figure out to insert it! As an activist on this issue in Ireland I found the night just the tonic to reenergise and lift our spirits for the final leg of the campaign, to give women access to free, safe & legal healthcare here in Ireland.

We recorded "Red" inspired by my experience canvassing in rural Ireland on this issue. I encountered some older ladies, whom I considered to be genteel and loving just like my own grandmother was, alas this wasn't the case. The idea that people can be devoured and consumed by righteousness (most probably led by catholicism in this case) brought me to Little Red Riding Hood and how the granny is consumed by the wolf. While researching I came across the perfect version of the story for my narrative. Red runs from the wolf, who has just consumed her granny, and hears singing from washerwomen. She runs to their voices, they stretch a sheet over the river so Red can cross. Once the wolf crosses on the same sheet they let go and the wolf drowns. Women coming together to defeat a greedy wolf from their young and themselves epitomises this campaign for me. 

ote YES! if you're in Ireland on 25th May for all Mná!!! 

Check out the track

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